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Fort Valley Police Department
200 West Church Street
Fort Valley, GA 31030


The Fort Valley Police Department is divided into three divisions:

Uniformed Police Division. The officers of this division make up the real heart of the Fort Valley Police Department. These officers form the front line in fighting crime and upholding the laws of our community. If you call 911 for help, the first police officers to respond will likely be members of the Uniformed Police Division. These officers stand ready to assist you 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. They answer requests for assistance ranging from barking dog complaints to life and death situations. Uniformed Police Division officers are required to perform a wide range of duties, to include:

The Fort Valley Police Department also has two K-9 units. These very valuable K-9 officers are highly trained animals and are nationally certified in narcotics detection.

Criminal Investigations. These officers are tasked with investigating major crimes to include homicide, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, fraud (of all kinds), street gang activity, elder abuse, arson, terrorism, and missing persons cases. The Criminal Investigations Division officers are highly trained and motivated individuals. In addition to investigating and solving crimes, these officers also make a significant contribution toward the prevention of crime. This is done by analyzing crime data, gathering intelligence information, and recognizing patterns of criminal activity.

Office of Professional Standards. This office reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for the internal security of the Fort Valley Police Department. 

This office ensures the integrity of the police department through the objective and intensive investigation of any allegations of police misconduct. The integrity and reputation of a police force are vital. Without these characteristics, it would be impossible for the department to accomplish its mission. That said, it is the Office of Professional Standards' responsibility to help the department maintain its credibility and respect, both from the public and among its members.

The members of the Office of Professional Standards is responsible for investigating all citizen complaints to include excessive force, abuse of authority, and ethnic slurs. In addition, this office investigates complaints made by department members against other personnel.

The Office of Professional Standards is also responsible for providing the Chief of Police with a means for assessing the police department’s efficiency and effectiveness. Members of this office also ensure that the department's personnel receive the necessary training required for certified police officers.

The Administrative Services office is a part of this division. This three-person team performs a multitude of tasks to include answering the phones, greeting visitors to the department, and handling all requests for records and reports.